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Barack Obama Biography... Barack Hussein Obama II also known as Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States and the first African American to hold the office. He was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii and a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School. Learn more about Barack Obama...

Obama Race for the White House
A Race for the Presidency! Group important topics together as you help Obama take the country by storm.

Hillary vs Obama
Campaigning is tough, but fists are tougher; duke it out as Hillary or Obama as you claim your rightful candidate spot.

Presidential Street Fight 2008
A gentlemanly duel of Presidential proportions – help Obama or McCain best the opposition by knocking them senseless with various objects.

Obama Guantanamo Escape
Bush has hatched the ultimate plan of ruin under disguise as Obama, and it's up to you to stop him and save the day!

Race for The White House
Join the literal "Presidential Race" as you sprint across the country and collect donations on your way to claiming the White House.

Election Fighting 2008
Sometimes, words just aren't enough. Bring out the fists and duke your way to victory as either Barack Obama or John McCain!

Election Madness
It's a White House whackdown! Use various attacks to knock furniture into your campaign opponents and deplete their health completely!

Dress Up Barack Obama
How do you think your President should look? Choose from a variety of clothes to dress him however you like!

Street Fight Obama vs Hillary
It's time that Obama and Hillary settle their differences…the old fashioned way! Pick your favorite candidate, then prepare to put up your dukes!

Michelle Obama Dress Up
Dress up the already beautiful Michelle Obama as she prepares to address the audience and press at the Democratic Convention!

Debate Night
McCain sure has a lot to say, but Obama knows what it takes to win! Win the debate by clearing topics, and seal your victory!

Falling Obama
There sure is a lot of change going on – so much that even Obama can't handle it all. Watch as he falls through his own historic icons.

Fulfill your dream of becoming a Polimon Master; as Obama or McCain, traverse the country and earn support as you prepare for the final battle for Presidency.

Presidential Paintball
Crazy stuff can happen in the White House – even paintball! Take out fellow politicians as you aim to become the Paintball Champion.

Obama Presidential Escape
Obama's been captured by terrorists! Use your skills and knowledge to outwit the enemy and find yourself the perfect chance to escape.

Presidential Pounding
Let the words stop and the fists begin. Knock some sense into Obama or McCain as you do what you couldn't have done during debates!

Obama Pigsaw Game
In a scene almost straight out of a Saw movie itself, Obama must find a way to save himself and his family before time runs out!

Obama McCain Debate Simulator
Test your knowledge of responses to debate questions by pitting yourself against Obama and McCain's arguments, and give the best answer possible.

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